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Track Riser System for Carrera D132/124

Slot Car Mancave

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The Slot Car Mancave Track Riser System.

We designed this friction fit system to stack track on top of each other, but it turns out it also works great as risers anywhere you need them on your track. Designed with a track fastener on the base model riser to keep your track stable. Our one piece system removes the frustration of risers falling apart or falling off. Risers are 3D printed in black so that they disappear under your track. The clearance distance between track levels is 4 inches. Works on straight and curved track.

Currently available as a kit, with (8) base risers, (4) upper deck risers for a third level of track, and (8) incline/decline risers. A total of (20) pieces per kit! 

Compatible ONLY with Carrera 132 & 124 scale track.


Designed and manufactured in-house by Slot Car Mancave and not available from any resellers.