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Super Sanding Stick

Slot Car Mancave

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The Slot Car Mancave- Super Sanding Stick. 

If you're like us, and enjoy building scale models, you know the importance of a fine sand paper to de-burr the spots where the model breaks away from it's part tree. 

Leaving the burrs behind is alright if you're in a rush, but like most of you, we prefer to take a few extra steps to build our models just right. So, here is our version of a sanding stick, called the Super Sanding stick. We made it 10mm wide and 1.25mm thick at the sharp end, to fit it into tough spaces. 

Included is one sanding stick, with one pre-installed strip of 320 grit sand paper. The product is 3D printed in peacock blue and is reusable by cutting more strips of your own preferred sandpaper at home. 

Once you have one of these, you'll be surprised just how handy they are! We've been using them for some time now and now you can have one, too! 


Designed and manufactured in-house by Slot Car Mancave and not available from any resellers.