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Street Light (Friction Fit) for Scalextric 1:32

Slot Car Mancave

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The Slot Car Mancave Light Post (Friction Fit) Clip & Track Fastener with Ver.2, 3v LED light pole installed for Scalextric slot car tracks.

Designed for 1:32 scale slot car tracks. 

Sold Individually

Each unit stands approximately 7.6 inches tall from the base of the clip to the top of the light fixture. We aimed for a selective compression ratio of 6:1 which is over 7 inches tall. This ratio is commonly used for 1:32 scale slot car tracks. Since most buildings and scenery is also 1:32 centric, so is our product. 

Our friction fit clips can be purchased separately for those wanting to buy 1:50 scale LED light poles of their own to suit 1:24 scale tracks. Our clips can be drilled out to 3mm to accommodate the larger 1:50 light poles if you prefer them. -Please see our other listing for packs of 10.

We designed and manufacture our product so that it friction fits directly on to Scalextric  slot car track. Each unit includes (1)one 3 volt, 20mah, bright white SMD LED light pole, pre-threaded into (1) one Slot Car Mancave Light Post (Friction fit) Clip & Track Fastener.

The hole down the center passes through to the bottom where we have designed a wire channel and guide to pass the wires underneath the track through the clip, which removes the potential of pinching the wires while fastening down the clip to your surface.

You will need some intermediate soldering skills for wiring up the lights as they will arrive pre-stripped and unterminated.

The lights also DO NOT come with a resistor, we were not supplied with any and haven't needed them by using the recommended light control product.

The lights DO NOT wire directly to your track power. We do not recommend powering these LED's with track power, and neither does Scalextric, it will damage the product and void your warranty. 

We recommend powering our lights in parallel, with a 3v 1A power supply for up to 50 lights, and wire and shrink wrap are available in the Track Lighting Products Section.

The fastener hole on the back of the clip was designed to expand for a slightly larger/longer screw, if you need one. 

Clips are 3D printed in dark grey to simulate tapered concrete pillars and they can be painted or wrapped with a sticker if you prefer.

No giving up a light pole positions to a track fastener, our design addresses both! 

This may seem like a bit of work, which any good hobby has some of, but the coolest things are worth the effort. 


Enjoy lighting up your track today!



Designed and manufactured in-house by Slot Car Mancave and not available from any resellers. V.1 LED Shown in images.