Track Flood Light with Power Supply - 4 Designs Available!

Slot Car Mancave

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Introducing the Slot Car Mancave, Generation 2, Track Flood Light! 

Four (4) Designs Available: 

A. Dual Lamp - Back to back
B. Dual Lamp - Side by side
C. Quad Lamp - Back to back, outward corner facing
D. Five Lamp - Pentagon shaped for full coverage

Are you looking for a cool way to light up the infield concessions, grandstands, and high banked turns on your home slot car raceway?

Standing 13.75" inches tall from base to the top of the light fixture, 1:32 Scale..

Each flood light base has a built in wire guide to feed the wire out of the side or bottom of the base to suit your surface. There are pilot holes on the base to fasten your light down with screws, if necessary. Each light also has a wire guide built into the truss to hide the wire within it, so that all you see is the truss after assembly. Our Flood light can be painted or wrapped in stickers, and the lights are tilt-adjustable up and down. A 12v power supply is included with each flood light kit.

Assembly is required:

Superglue and a few inches of masking tape is all you'll need to assemble the kit. Wiring is plug and play with terminated connections. No soldering is required. 

Enjoy lighting up your track today!


Shipping times may vary based on supply and demand. We will notify you of any lead time should one apply.

 Designed and manufactured in-house by Slot Car Mancave and not available from any resellers.

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