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C-Kiel Guide for Carrera slot cars - 5 pack


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Only available in Canada from Slot Car Mancave!

Sold in packages containing (5) SI guides.

SlotInvasion Guide - for Carrera 124 and 132 slot cars.

An evolutionary leap in design.

  • The ultimate performance guide specially designed for Carrera (R) 1/24- 1/32 tracks
  • Improved design for greater stability- thicker, longer, deeper and special profile - no mods needed
  • Optimized lane changing
  • Positive locking- tight fit- You will hear the 'click'
  • Redesigned tapered head- prevents jams to center returns, no guide jams specially in 1/24 cars
  • Made of proprietary Polyamide (plastic with glass fibers) with low friction coefficient and long wear
  • 100% light blocking- for accurate readings on built in track timing/scoring systems

Compatible with Carrera: 

  • Exclusiv Vehicles from 2006
  • Evolution Vehicles from 2007
  • All Digital 124 and 132 vehicles 

Upgrade your slot cars' performance and handling today, and see an immediate improvement over your stock guide and the competitions older, yellow guide, that they enjoy from 2nd place with all of that unnecessary friction. 


Available in Red or Black. 

Colour choice has no affect on performance.  Red or Black, the C-Kiel is the first upgrade you should be making for your Carrera slot cars.

Made in Germany.