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Grandstand Extension Set


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  • Grandstand extension for the Carrera race track
  • Suitable as decoration for the race track

  • A great addition to your Carrera race track
    From the stands, fans and spectators have a perfect view of the race and can keep their fingers crossed for their favorites. With the grandstand extension, you can now create even more space for visitors and an authentic racing feeling on your Carrera race track. The grandstand consists of plastic kits that can be assembled with no hassle whatsoever. Sticker sheets that come included give the structure the finishing touch and a personalized look. The grandstand extends your Carrera race track and measures 34 cm x 12 cm x 21 cm (width x height x depth). You can combine and build the decorative elements as you like. Create your Carrera race track, just the way you want it to enjoy that unmistakable racing feeling!