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Track Voltage Tester

Slot Car Mancave

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The Slot Car Mancave Track Voltage Tester. Gen.02.

Available in Red, Blue, or Black.

Test your track's voltage to find the low points and identify the placement of power taps. This tool assists you with placement of power taps around your slot car track.

Designed in-house for up to 30v DC, with polarity protection, and easy to handle 3D printed shell that looks up at you. 

Digital CU's consistently fluctuate the voltage delivered to the track by a fair amount so we've worked within those limitations. 

Digital Tracks with unregulated power supplies will see a fluctuation in voltage read out of approximately +/- 2 volts, from which the lowest voltage read out can be determined.

Simply by sliding the meter slowly along the rails and watching for voltage to drop, you'll be able to determine where to place your power taps. It's a perfect solution that beats dragging a wired multi-meter around your layout.

Analog Tracks receiving voltage from a regulated power supply will see a constant  voltage read-out from the track, with the plunger held down.

Compatible with most 1:32 and 1:24 scale, analog and digital slot car tracks. 

You may need to file the guide flag if its a bit too wide for your brand. The designed was tested on Carrera 1:24/1:32/Evo track(s).

Modification is required for Scalextric Sport track as the tester's pins sit wide on the track rails and just make contact with the plastic edge. To use this tester it will require filing to narrow the pin width along the outside edge of the pins.

Designed and manufactured in-house by Slot Car Mancave and not available from any resellers.